The Art of Balayage

The Art of Balayage



These days, we all want something that is easy to maintain, looks beautiful but also doesn’t hurt the hip pocket (too much), Balayage is the perfect technique that a lot of clients are turning to, especially if they are a little time poor.

So what exactly is Balayage you ask?

Balayage is a hand painted technique, similar to foils, that creates a gradual fade. This technique creates a natural and subtle blend of colour that adds depth and dimension , leaving you looking sun kissed which will grow out effortlessly and last at least 10-12 weeks (with a toner in between). At Zephyr, we don’t usually start from the root and like to create a ‘lived-in’ look, which helps with the upkeep because there is no need for a root touch up every four weeks.

Expect to be in salon around 3-3.5 hours as this technique is a little time consuming to begin with. After that, most clients will just come in for a toner over the next 12 weeks or so until they feel that they need a bit of a touch up to bring some height back throughout the hair again.

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