Feeling Cute, Might Delete Later…

Feeling Cute, Might Delete Later…





Welcome to 2020!

The year of the Zephyr Hair Blog and all things trending! Have you ever found it a little hard to keep up with what’s ‘lit’ and what’s not? (Don’t worry, we have too) one minute, hair down to your crack is a must have but the very next week, everyone is chopping those same locks to their ears! – so to chop or not chop? – that seems to be the question! Hair clips, pastels, melted roots, lived in balayage, bangs, curtain bangs, sweeping bangs, micro bangs (yes, thats a thing.), its all moving so fast and this is the place to find it.

The Zephyr Crew pledges to keep you updated and fully equipped to step out into the world with your best strand forward knowing that you are up to date and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (in our case, Married at first site or Love Island)

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